The Abell Whistle Headjoint

The Abell Whistle Headjoint is an end-blown, fipple style headjoint which offers a new and unique voice for the flutist. It is designed to fit any Boehm-system flute and to play comfortably through the full range of the instrument.

The Abell Whistle Headjoint orients the flute vertically providing a more balanced and centered position. This orentation relaxes the upper body, opening the lungs and diaphragm. Options for supporting the flute vertically include thumb rests, neck straps and combinations of the two.

The headjoint is also a practical option for flutists who can no longer play the instrument in the horizontal position, or who are unable to form an embouchure.

The Abell Whistle Headjoint is manufactured from fully seasoned tropical hardwoods and Sterling silver.